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10 Common Lies That Men Tell Their Ladies

A recent scientific study has shown that males are on average lie 6 times a day. The same study also found that one of the reasons why males lie a lot is because they mostly get away with it. It’s because the individuals who are lied to are generally ignorant of their dishonesty and can never detect when they’re lied to. Most of the time, ladies or girlfriends of these males are the victims of these lies. Now, not all frauds will be just as terrible. But in some great situations, deceits are done with great motives. And scams are carried out for nefarious motives.

Some of the falsehoods are selfish and damaging directly. You may consider that a man lies to you to protect you from the truth. Although his motives are notorious, lying is still immoral. You must always advocate full and open honesty in a serious relationship with anyone, no matter how difficult it may be. So how can you catch a lie from your man? Well, when you are not an expert at interpreting body language, it can be tough.

Some people have even mastered lying skills; with their dishonest acts, they may even receive Oscars. But you still want to be aware, in any case. This post will uncover some extremely frequent falsehoods that many guys tell their girls. So be very suspicious if your boyfriend tells you one of these things. There is plenty of evidence to assume that he lies to you.

01 – He says he trusts you to go out with your girlfriends even when he’s not there.

Oddly, he does not trust you so deeply at all. But he can’t prevent you to go out with your women friends. It’s simply he can’t say he’s totally at ease with the thought of you hanging out there without him.

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