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After 3 Marriages, 82-Year-Old Jane Fonda Is Done with Dating: ‘I’ve Closed Up Shop’

Many of us have been unlucky in love, perhaps still are, but how many of us would ever throw in the towel and decide to remain single for life? Well, that’s just what legendary actress, fitness personality, and activist Jane Fonda decided to do. You see, the 82-year-old announced that she’s officially done with dating and is no longer looking for “Mr. Right.”  Now, it’s easy to label her outlook as overly cynical, but she says that her decision came after discovering her inner-strength. Never one to take the conventional path, Fonda once again is forging ahead on the road least traveled.

Over the years, Jane Fonda hasn’t been a stranger to love. The actress has had three marriages. And while some may believe these experiences have left her bitter about romance, Fonda insists those failed relationships have nothing to do with why she’s elected to call it quits when it comes to romance. during an interview with The Guardian published on September 5, Fonda said she’s found true happiness in solitude and has no need for dating; this newest revelation regarding Fonda’s dating life comes as the activist is set to put out her brand new book titled, “What Can I do?” The book talks about the dangers of climate change and what we can do to be a part of the solution.


The actress’s last relationship was with Richard Perry, a record producer, which ended in 2017. She’s since used her time to reflect and have arrived at several realizations regarding the men she’s dated. Fonda says that she was always stronger than all the men she dated or married.


She believes that many of her troubles stemmed from falling in love with men who had emotional intimacy issues. The actress said that her dad, Hollywood legend Peter Fonda, had those issues as well. And while she always believed that she was finding men who were different from her father, she’s come to realize that all the men she became interested in had the same fatal flaw.


Today, Fonda says, “I’ve closed up shop down there.” I’m extremely happy on my own.” While never dating again may not be for everyone, the life lesson Fonda learned revealing that true happiness isn’t found in another but only with one’s self, is something we should all take to heart.


You can also watch an interview in which Fonda talks about her new book, “What Can I Do?” below.


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