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An Interabled Couple Shows Us All That Love Doesn’t See Disability

For more times than she can even count, Hannah Burcaw has been mistaken as her husband’s nurse instead of his wife. It seems that people have a hard time wrapping their minds around the fact that someone can love another person who has a disability. See, Shane Burcaw lives with a disability and Hannah doesn’t. However, they’re together opening people’s hearts and minds by reminding us all that interabled couples are as capable of unconditional love and acceptance (and even passion) as everyone else is. And the thing is, this isn’t a situation where Shane and Hannah married and then he became disabled.

Nope, he was already disabled when she met and fell in love with him. Shane lives with spinal muscular atrophy, which is a genetic disorder that causes one’s muscles to slowly waste away over time. However, it doesn’t affect the mind and the intellect. It was in fact Shane’s sense of humor and personality that attracted Hannah to him. She first saw him in a YouTube interview, then she emailed him. From there, sparks flew. They dated for two years long-distance before Shane moved to Minnesota to live with her from his native Pennsylvania. For two years, they’ve been running their own popular YouTube Channel.



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On the Squirmy and Grubs channel, Shane and Hannah share how they navigate through life together. Some of the videos show them interacting and doing everyday tasks and others show them going on road trips, to the beach, and amusement parks. Finding accessible places isn’t always easy, but they make it work and they love finding new adventures. One thing they don’t do is deal with hurtful internet trolls and their cruel remarks. The trolls sometimes call Hannah crazy, and others say that the relationship is fake.




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Hannah said that it’s taken time, but she’s learned to completely dismiss people who say unkind things. “Shane and I continue to make content and share our story with the hopes of showing as many people as we can that disabled people are worthy partners. Comments like these only encourage us to continue! We’re so grateful for all of the people that our story has managed to reach in a positive way.⁣” Soon, the two hope to start a family. Below, you can watch the story of how they met.

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