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Couple Uses Deposit From Cancelled Wedding To Give Thanksgiving Meals To 200 People

The physical strain of 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic is often quite clear as we can more or less count the number of reported cases and fatalities from the illness. However, we often overlook the toll this pandemic has taken on everyone emotionally. There have been thousands, if not millions, of canceled birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations, and weddings worldwide. Not to mention, many people have not been able to engage in simple social rituals like going out with their friends or attending a concert. We’ve all had to make sacrifices and adjustments during this time to ensure that more people don’t get sick.

One couple who felt the sting of sacrifice this year was Emily Bugg and Billy Lewis, a couple from Chicago who had to cancel their wedding due to the COVID crisis. The two first met on a dating app called Bumble in 2017, and after their wedding plans fell through, they decided just to get married at city hall. Initially, the couple had an extravagant reception along with a big party lined up once they’d concluded their nuptials. They even overbooked a venue to put on a disco party complete with DJ and photographer. The couple had also invited over 150 guests, but they were forced to change everything once the pandemic began.


But, instead of allowing their $5,000 deposit to go to waste, Bugg and Lewis got in touch with a homeless shelter that focuses on helping people with substance abuse and mental health issues get clean and healthy while breaking free of poverty.


Thanks to their contribution, at least 200 people enjoyed a hot and delicious Thanksgiving meal.


The couple would later comment on their good deed during a Good Morning America interview. Bugg said:

Lewis would later tell The Washington Post:

Mark Ishaug, Thresholds CEO, stated:

Emily and Billy’s amazing good deed is just another example of how folks have transformed setbacks caused by the pandemic into opportunities to serve others and make our world a better place.

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