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Couple Wins $2.6 Million Lottery Only To Learn Few Days Later Their Son Is Now Cancer Free

There are things in life much more important than money. That said, having lots of money is pretty high on the list, especially when it comes to not having to worry about certain problems caused by the lack of funds. Many of us have dreamed about buying or finding that lucky lottery ticket worth millions. Back in the ’80s, folks imagined Ed McMahon showing up at their door with a huge paper check from Publisher’s Clearinghouse. Could you imagine how awkward it would have been had Mr. McMahon simply needed to use your phone because his car broke down?

Allison and John McDonald live in Stockton-On-Tees, United Kingdom, and the couple recently explained to Metro what their life had been like over the years helping their 15-year-old son, Ewan, battle cancer. While we are certain their son’s disease had been a financial challenge, their recent lotto winnings are sure to be a huge help in that effort. And a few months ago, the couple was delighted to learn they would be starting off 2020 with $2.6 million pounds in their bank account thanks to winning the December 18, 2019 lotto draw. The couple had been long-time players of the lottery, and they told Metro that they always dreamed of scoring big right around Christmas time. However, this wasn’t the best news they would receive.

Ewan had spent most of the year enduring chemo treatments after doctors diagnosed him with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma last May. According to the Sun, just three days after winning the lotto, Ewan’s parents took their son to his doctor’s appointment. And it was there the doctor delivered some fantastic news to Ewan and his folks — he was now totally cancer-free! While John and Allison may have struggled last year, 2020 was looking very bright. John said that it all seemed as though their lifelong dreams had come within three days’ time. He noted that while he and his wife had always fantasized about winning the lotto, they just thought it would always remain a nice dream.

Best of all, now their son doesn’t have to worry about undergoing any more chemo treatments. At age 62, John had worked as a security guard and Allison, age 49, worked at an optician’s office; both have since retired from their jobs, and they told Metro it’s simply an “amazing feeling.”

And while winning 2.6 million pounds is fantastic, we know that for the McDonald’s, news of their son’s cancer-free diagnosis was worth more than all the money in the world. You can watch a video about the McDonalds and their incredible blessings, below.

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