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Heartbroken Bride Visits Grave of Slain Fiancé in Her Wedding Dress

For most women and men, their wedding day is one of the most memorable days of their lives. I know that for my wife and me, there are only a few other days that are as cherished in our memories as the day we got married. My wife planned a beautiful wedding that took her a year to plan, and it was the perfect day in every way, at least from where I sat, although my bride may have felt some stress until the deed was done. Remarkably, she found her wedding dress on Amazon for about $20, which was a bargain.

My wife said that because it was so affordable, she bought it in three sizes, just in case one size fit better than the other. All three of them still hang in her closet and she cherishes the memory of the fun she had picking them out and the memory of wearing the one that fit her the best. For my wife, she got to meet her groom at the altar and the day ended in joy. However, for one young bride, her memories of wearing her wedding dress were different. Sara Baluch was just days away from her wedding day when her beloved fiancé Mohammad Sharifi was shot and k!lled.

Mohammad was trying to sell a gaming system at a Hixson Pike apartment complex when he was shot by accused C’Marcus White, a 20-year-old man who was later charged with criminal homicide. Mohammad was murdered just two weeks before his wedding day. When Sara’s wedding day came, she planned to wear her beautiful wedding dress to visit the grave, and no doubt she cherished her dress as much as my wife does hers. However, the weather was bad and there were thunderstorms, so she ended up going the next day with her family. A devastated Sara walked up to her beloved’s grave sobbing.


For Sara, Mohammad was the love of her life and it’s impossible for her to imagine a time when this pain will be less intense. They say time heals all wounds, but some wounds cut so deep that the light at the end of the tunnel seems very far away. Watch this video below.


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