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Husband Completely Transforms a Creepy Attic, Turns It Into His Wife’s Dream Closet

We have an attic in our house and it’s huge and spacious. However, it’s not really built out for doing anything with the space. We store our Christmas decorations and a few other things up there, but overall, it’s just a pretty dark place with one light bulb that most of us dread going into and avoid doing so unless it’s absolutely necessary. That’s exactly how one family felt, but husband and dad Rodolfo Cabrera decided to do something about his creepy dark attic once and for all. What he decided to do with a mostly neglected space was to transform it into his wife’s dream closet.

What resulted is something that most women (and most men!) would love to have in their homes. Rodolfo actually owns a home remodeling company, so he definitely has the skills. It was just a matter of finding the time. It took him three weeks of hard work and quite a bit of money, but he did it and his family loves it. He said that the financial cost was between $25,000 and $30,000, but hey, they had the money to do it, so why not? It will drastically increase the value of his home as well. Anytime you can improve your living space, it’s an investment. With 15 years of experience remodeling houses, Rodolfo knew what he was doing. Here’s the “before” photo of the unfinished attic.

Yep, pretty creepy. It looks a lot like my attic does right now. I’m suddenly feeling like I have no excuses. Oh, wait. I don’t have the skills (or the $30,000) but I’ll dream of a better attic. Maybe someday! An immigrant from Guatemala, Rodolfo knows a lot about dreams. He now lives in Maryland with his family and owns his own company, so he’s had quite a few dreams of his own come true. When you look at his website, it’s easy to see he’s a pro. Here are some photos of the finished attic. Check out that quaint little seating area at the end. Adorable.

Even the stairs are ridiculously elegant and perfect. Rodolfo said that these were the most complicated part of the project because they’re attached to one wall.

There’s even a place to sit and do makeup or hair. Loving this.

Rodolfo’s family is very blessed to have such a skilled husband and dad.

Here’s a video tour of the new attic living space below.


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