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‘I’m In A Relationship With My Wife, My Ex-Wife And My Ex’s Wife’

This relationship is on a whole next level and has indeed left internet users with raised eyebrows. Recently, Jennifer Vazquez and Josh Rappahahn appeared on TLC’s “You, me and my ex.” The pair were married for five years and divorced. Soon after, Jennifer realized she was sexually attracted to women. Jennifer and Josh share a son named Jace, 11.

On TLC’s You, Me & My Ex, people got to know Jennifer and Josh Rappahahn, who got divorced after 5years of marriage before Jennifer later married wife, Chantel.

Following the separation, Jennifer married her wife Chantel while Josh married Danielle, with whom he shares a daughter Mikaela. Similarly, Jennifer has a daughter Camila (welcomed in April), with Chantel; this was achieved with Josh being the sperm donor. The whole family from Florida now shares their relationship affairs with a following of 39.5K on TikTok.

Josh, now married to Danielle, together with Jennifer, now married to Chantel, is not polyamorous but are couples co-parenting together.

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“Chantel and I are head over heels in love with our new baby girl! Nothing in the world would ever be enough to thank Josh and Danielle for giving us this little life that we will cherish every day and for completing our family. When we found out we were having a girl, Mikaela said her name was Michelle. Naturally, that’s how her middle name came to be.” Jennifer, according to The Sun, had said in an interview with a publication.

Josh and Jennifer were married first and had welcomed now-11-year-old Jace together before divorcing.

She added: “Camila has settled in perfectly into our blended family, and we are super excited to start our new adventure.” Also speaking, Danielle noted that Josh and herself couldn’t hold back their emotions on meeting Camila for the first time. “After an incredibly stressful hospitalization for Chantel, Jennifer, and Camila, we were overcome with relief knowing that everyone was healthy and we could all finally be reunited,” Danielle stated.

When Jennifer and Chantel wanted to have a baby, they turned to Josh for help, and indeed, Chantel got pregnant using Josh’s sperm.


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The happy family occasionally shares clips on social media from their home. While a few people have since been supportive of their lifestyle, many are left in horror. In one of their clips, a user had commented, saying: “This gives me the ick.” Another added: “This made me comfy.” One person who agrees with the family said they are currently hanging out with their ex-husband and their finance.

On TLC, they stressed that despite his DNA, Josh is not Camila’s father. However, he will have a ‘consistent influence’ in her life.


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