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Verification Equals Credibility.
If you are verified by Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc, what that says to your audience is your account is highly important and also that there is enough reason for Insta/FB to think someone else would try to imitate you and so they have decided to help everyone know who the real you is. 

Account Recovery.
If you’ve been hacked or banned by Instagram and/or Facebook WE CAN HELP! Building up your following to have it all taken away from you is frustrating and we understand that. We also know how to get your account back in perfect condition. 

Claim Your Name!
Have a name that you really want but someone else already has it? There is a good chance we can get it for you. If you have proof via trademark, copyright, certificates of incorporation or just have a large following elsewhere, we can help!

Why Faton PR?
Whether Instagram Verification, Facebook Verification, Account Recovery or Obtaining an Inactive account name that you wish to use, Faton PR has extensive experience dealing directly with Facebook and Instagram and will ensure you get the results you are looking for every time.


This is what you’ll receive!