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Man Lets Huge Huntsman Spider Live In His House For Over A Year

ake Gray shared a photo of an enormous spider hanging out inside his home on Facebook and said he’s been watching ‘the might huntsman’ continue to grow bigger and bigger. “Check out this big girl,” he said. In the photo, the spider’s taking up quite a bit of real estate on his wall, looking more like a fake Halloween decoration than a real spider. Jake first spotted the spider inside his home in Cairns, Queensland, back in 2019. Then around 12 months later, the creature grew to the size of a dinner plate! While Jake seemed pretty unphased by his new roommate, other Facebook users were not as reserved.


Huntsman spiders can grow incredibly large, with long hairy legs, mainly grey and brown.



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Despite their unsettling size and hairy appearance, these spiders are not really considered very dangerous. As with most spiders, they do have venom, and a bite can make a human ill, but they are usually very reluctant to bite and more likely to haul a tail from a human if confronted.

Another Facebook user mentioned:

In Australia, there are roughly 155 different species of huntsman spiders. According to the Australia Museum, these creatures can usually be found under loose bark on trees and rock crevices.

However, they have also been known to nest in cars and other places. Last year another Australian named Olly Hurst was at the beach when he felt something tickling his ear after putting on his noise-canceling headphones.

After removing the headphones, you can only imagine how many beats Olly’s heart rate went up when he saw a huge huntsman inside! In the video clip he posted on Instagram, Olly said”

As one can imagine, folks were quite shocked by Olly’s discovery. One person said:

You can watch Olly’s video below.


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