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Man Stands For First Time In Three Years After Doctors Said He Would Never Walk Again

Let’s be honest, as we get older, exercise becomes more and more difficult. Sure, we have a ton of excuses, no time, old injuries, kids, etc. But, the truth is that many of us simply do not have the motivation it takes to stick with something that’s A: not pleasant and B: doesn’t offer quick results. However, even starting small can yield big results, such as taking a few minutes each day to go for a walk. It’s such a simple exercise that most of us take for granted, but for some folks, walking is seen as a dream.

While many of us are busy just thinking about exercise as we add another clothes hanger on our dusty treadmills, Rob Paylor recently inspired millions of people. The former rugby player spent the entire Labor Day weekend doing something that doctors told him would be impossible. Back in 2017, Paylor’s life was forever changed. While competing in the Collegiate Rugby National Championship, he would suffer a severe injury, breaking his neck. The accident left him paralyzed, and doctors told him that he would not only never be able to walk again, but he would also not be able to use his hands.


However, the rugged rugby athlete wasn’t about to take that diagnosis lying down!


Within the next three years, he began working hard every day with the goal of proving everyone wrong, and on September 7, that’s just what this inspirational athlete did!

“It took me 1,220 days to achieve this goal, and it was worth every second,” he wrote. “No better way to celebrate Labor Day!”


Take a look at Rob’s triumphant moment in the video below and be inspired!


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