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Man Who Took 280-Mile Walk To Cool Down After Argument With Wife, Had To Pay Big Fine

Being in a relationship can be pretty tough for guys. Most men are not really good at communicating emotions, especially in the heat of arguments. What some choose to do instead of arguing is to walk away or go somewhere where they can cool down. Of course, there are healthier ways of working through issues in a relationship, and walking away should only be a last resort-type of tactic. Often, leaving unresolved issues in a relationship accumulates like tiny cracks in the hull of a ship.

In Italy, an unidentified man decided to walk for a week to calm himself after a heated argument with his wife. The 48-year-old man left his hometown of Como located in Northern Italy, and walked for over 280 miles to the south in about a week. He reportedly walked about 40 miles each day to cool down his anger and reports the independent. Ultimately, the man’s journey ended in Fano, a popular beach resort located on the Adriatic coast. However, across the country, the government had imposed a strict lockdown, which meant a nationwide curfew between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

As police were out on patrol, they spot the man walking at about 2 a.m. They questioned him and were said to have been astonished to find where he had come from. After putting his information into their system, police managed to confirm that his wife reported the man missing several days ago.

While they were clearly impressed with the man’s odyssey, rules were still rules.

And so the man was fined about €400 ( or $485) for breaching the nationwide curfew. They then put him up in a hotel, reports the il Resto del Carlino.

Despite walking such a great distance on foot, it’s said the man wasn’t hurt. He later told the paper:

He also revealed that during his adventure, strangers often offered him food and drink.

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