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Meet Malkia, the Gigantic and Powerful Lioness Who Really Just Wants a Belly Rub

My wife and I do cat rescue, so we have a lot of experience with cats. And by cats, I mean domestic shorthair cats. Small cats. However, we’ve watched our share of videos of big cats playing and it seems that our small cats are just big cats in miniature. I expressed my amazement to my wife about people who interact very closely with these big and powerful cats like lions and tigers and marveled at how unafraid the people are who interact with them. My wife pointed out that just like our cats at home, big cats have different personalities.

Some are probably very unlikely to attack a human, while others are more likely to be dangerous. My wife used some of our cats as examples. We have cats who have never shown a moment of aggravation or aggression, and then we have one, a calico female, who is grumpy all the time. She’s always hissing, growling, and even biting (not hard) at not only the other cats but also at us. She’s just a very temperamental cat. If she were a lioness, there’s no way we could have her in the home with us. Same thing with the big cats. Sure, they’re apex predators and may eat you if they’re hungry, but aren’t necessarily dangerous in reality.

A big cat rescue park in Orechová Potôň, Slovakia takes in abused and mistreated animals. Malkia Park Rescue Station saves exotic big cats from private homes and circuses, and one of the first animals to be taken in at the park is a lioness named Malkia, who is the product of breeding in a circus. She was raised by humans, so the only safe place for her to live is in a rescue park. In the video we share here, Malkia is greeted joyfully by one of her caretakers, who gives her a generous belly rub, much to the big cat’s total delight. Klaudia Kollar has been with the lions since they were tiny cubs, so she knows the big girl very well.

Malkia was the first cat to be rescued by the park, and we’re not sure if the park is named after her or if she is named after the park. Either way, we’ve fallen in love with her. Note that when a cat shows its belly to someone, it means they trust that person. Watch this sweet video below.

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