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Mom Shows Just Why Tipping Is Important By Sharing Her $9 Paycheck After Working 70+ Hours

When I was younger, my friend and I waited tables at the same Italian restaurant in Metairie, Louisiana. And while it was connected to a hotel, the restaurant was rarely full. Now, I’ve had quite a few jobs before and since then, but I can tell you that waiting tables by far one of the toughest. Not only did you need to be able to answer any question about what you were serving, but you also had to look your best and have a super-friendly and outgoing attitude. Your performance would often determine how much your tip was, or if you even got one at all!

Now, some folks don’t tip, that’s just a fact. They fell that the person waiting on them probably earns more than enough money. However, this is simply not the case. To illustrate, one woman decided to help folks understand just how much servers depend on tips by sharing a photo of her paycheck, which revealed that after working 70 hours that week, she only made $9.28! Aaliya Cortez showed everyone how the bounty of $150.81 after her 70 hours of work was reduced to $9.28 after taxes. And for years, the service industry in the U.S/. has been under heavy criticism for notoriously shady employment practices. Working in the hotel business for over 20 years, I can attest to this first hand. Many bars and restaurants get away with paying their wait staff next to nothing.


This means that it’s up to the customers to ensure these folks have a decent wage. Of course, restaurants could perhaps solve this issue by raising prices, which may or may not allow them to pay their staff more. However, for this to work, it would likely require every restaurant to participate in this action, or else folks may decide to go to the cheaper establishment. Cortez is a mom living in Austin, Texas, who decided it was high time to show folks just how much their contributions mean to service staff.

In a TikTok video that has since gone viral, Cortez shows an image of her sad little paycheck. She didn’t do it to shame her employer, but rather to help everyone understand why tipping your server matters. The thing is, we could probably use a better system to ensure these hardworking folks are paid more. In Europe, tipping is not as big of an issue, because servers are actually paid a pretty decent wage.

But you see, in the U.S., servers typically only make $2.13 per hour (and this hasn’t changed in over 20 years). There could be very good money in tips for people tending bar or waiting tables, but it’s sometimes hit or miss. Plus, servers often pay taxes on how much the government assumes they are making, not based on their actual paycheck amount.


Cortez noted that she had received about $700 in tips for her 70 hours of work, which isn’t too bad. But the paycheck is an absolute joke, and she said that at her last job, sometimes the check would be $0. While answers to this problem are likely complicated, many feel that we can probably do a lot better. You can watch Cortez’s TikTok video below.

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And for just a taste of some of the corruption issues that service staff in the U.S. face every day, check out this video of Chef Gordan Ramsey confronting a restaurant owner who steals his own staff’s tips!

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