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Siblings Use Doorbell Camera to Send Sweet Messages To Their Dad Deployed Overseas

Kids with one or both parents serving their country in the military have to make many sacrifices most of us take for granted. For example, they have to get used to the fact their moms and dads may not be there for special events such as birthday parties and holidays. Often, kids with military parents have to get used to not waking up and hugging them in the morning every day. They can’t always run to that parent and have them kiss their boo-boos to make them feel better. Every moment they spend with their parents is a gift that most children of service members learn to cherish.

And of course, most kids have to try and prepare themselves for the worst, as they know there is a chance they may never get see their brave parents again. When a soldier pays the ultimate price; their families are also paying a huge price. I’ve heard many soldiers say the only thing that hurts more than the thought of dying is knowing how much pain their families will have to live with. Thankfully, we live in an age where families can stay in touch a bit more even when they are thousands of miles apart. Two kids recently found a clever way to send their father uplifting messages using their home’s doorbell camera.

Millions of Americans have Ring Doorbell cameras, as these devices have proved to be invaluable home security additions

However, Major Peter DeCrans soon found a wonderful surprise after his children started sending him messages through the camera as well.

Soon he began receiving daily messages from his kiddos whenever he checked the mobile Ring app on his phone.

The story was first shared on the blog for Ring.com, we learn that Major DeCrans has served in the U.S. Army for over 20 years, and during his most recent deployment, he was sent thousands of miles away from home in Kuwait for about 10 months.

That said, despite the fact he was half-way around the world from his loving family in Forest Lake, Minnesota, this didn’t stop his five-year-old daughter Petroula and his seven-year-old son Zerick from sending their dad loving messages via their Ring Video Doorbell camera.

When Major DeCrans’ wife, Cierra, bought the camera, she probably had no idea that her kids would be able to use it to keep in touch with their dad.

And since then, Petroula and Zerick have recorded several touching videos for the hero, keeping them safe overseas.

Major DeCrans said in an interview with Ring that he could not be there for Petroula’s birthday, but thanks to the videos, the soldier still “felt connected.”

The idea actually came from Cierra’s dad, who suggested to his grandkids that they should use the doorbell cam as a way of talking to their dad.

You can watch a news report about this heartwarming story below.

Also, you can watch a collection of Petroula and Zerick’s videos below.


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