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Smarter Than Average Bear Helps With the Chores By Taking the Trash Can to the Curb

When I first saw this video, it blew my mind and not because this is obviously an incredibly smart bear. That’s a whole separate mind-blowing experience. What blows my mind is that I didn’t know that there were bears in Florida. Are you kidding me? This snuck up on me. I’m accustomed to watching over my shoulder when I’m in “bear country” up north, but never once in Florida did I think there might be bears around. Alligators, I was watching for. But bears? As it turns out, Florida has its own bear: the Florida Black Bear. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, there are about 4,050 of the big bears in Florida.

First of all, that’s awesome (now that I know about them). But what exactly do we know about the Florida Black Bear? I went researching. As it turns out, there’s a concerted effort by the state of Florida to ensure the long-term well-being and survival of the black bear. At one time, black bears roamed the state in large numbers, but that’s not the case anymore because of humans (of course). Historically, the Florida black bear has ranged throughout most of Florida, and even into the southern portions of Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. They live mostly in forested areas and their habitat is getting smaller.


As is always the case in this era, when an animal’s numbers begin to dwindle, it’s because people are involved. Black bears have had a habitat reduction because of increased human development. These guys are also found in sand pine scrub, upland hardwood forests, oak scrub, and forested wetlands. As it turns out, the Florida black bear is the only American black bear subspecies to live in a subtropical region. A few bears can also be found in Florida’s tropical hammock and prairie areas. Before Europeans occupied Florida, the bears occupied all of the mainland of Florida and even the upper Florida keys.


At one time, they had a population of around 11,000, but that’s been reduced to 45% of the historic range in Florida and the other southern states. So when you watch the video below, you’re seeing a fellow who could be endangered someday if the state of Florida isn’t diligent. Enjoy this fun video.


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