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Woman Divides Opinion After Telling Women To Buy Lots Of Lingerie And Give Their Man Space

Some relationship can be challenging, but the way at which it’s handled remains differently. However, a mom recently surfaced on the internet, appearing to know exactly how to have a happy relationship. Tabby Ealey, with the username @tabbystime on TikTok, has shared a few tips for women to help get their relationship back on track.

Tabby Ealey divided opinion after revealing her three pieces of advice for women to have a happy relationship.

tabbystime via TikTok

In a video shared with over 19K followers, Tabby highlighted three things to help keep a man happy. These things included giving a man space, learning to cook, and buying lots of lingerie. This straightforward advice has since divided the internet; one person in the comment questioned if she did the same.

Give him space, learn to cook, and buy lots of lingerie are the three tips shared in a video on TikTok.

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Ride It – Regard

Tabby’s tips will work for a few but definitely not for all!

tabbystime via TikTok

In response, Tabby wrote: “Married 17years. He passed away, so I’m single now. But know a little bit.” Some people appeared to totally agree with the tips, while a few boldly expressed their disapproval. One wrote: “How about they love you for who you are.” Another added: “And what’s he doing to keep me happy. While a third agreed, saying: “You hit the nail on the head.”

Someone asked Tabby if the tips worked for her. Here’s her response:

And another wrote: “Finally! Someone that gets it right.” A few went on to share their not-in-agreement with the tips. “I don’t know; there is a large group of guys who aren’t interested in space. If I wanted space, I’d be single.” A second stated: “First two Ok but as most men cook these days, not much of a help.”

And Here’s How Other People Reacted To The Viral Clip

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